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Our story began in 1932 when our great-grandfather, a native of Chiusavecchia, bought an old water mill in the village of San Martino in Dolcedo and ran it together with his daughter, our aunt Vincenza, who carried on running the mill for over 60 years and handed it over to us in 2015 in perfect condition. The mill falls sheer to Prino stream, just before it meets its tributary Rio di Boschi, accessible from the main road through a narrow stone bridge that can be crossed by small vehicles only. There is a steep climb of a few meters under a porch and, on the right, there is a small entrance. Going in, the scenery changes: it seems that time has stopped and the mill stands out in all its grandeur; you can see the ancient stone grinding wheels driven by the water mill alongside the powerful two granite millstones mill and, like in a museum, next to the hydraulic press in operation, there is an older wooden press and the "blood" press operated by man.

Even today, the various stages of olives processing are carried out manually, which does not allow large volumes of production, takes longer and increases costs, but results in a high quality extra virgin oil with a rare and unique taste that only stone milling and cold pressing can give. It is an oil obtained by cultivating about 2000 secular olive trees of the Taggiasca variety personally with the help of our relatives, so as to guarantee the origin and authenticity of the product and to cover all stages within the company ourselves, from production to packaging and subsequent sale directly at the oil mill or delivered to the table of the lovers of this extra virgin olive oil.
Maurizio e Claudio

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