In the history of olive pressing since 1932


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Located in the village of San Martino in Dolcedo, on the bank of the Prino stream, the old family oil mill can also boast the title of “first cold olive pressing”, a centuries-old method of oil production consisting in the olive pressing by means of two granite grinders driven by the wheel of a water mill, now replaced by electric current, and the subsequent extraction of the oil through a hydraulic press, which crushes the olive paste, without the addition of water, within the typical "sportini”


It is produced exclusively from Taggiasca olives, a typical variety of western Liguria and the province of Imperia, which takes its name from the village of Taggia where it was introduced in the eleventh century by the monks of St. Colombano, coming from the monastery Lérins islands. The olives ripe in late January, have high yield and produce a very high quality oil, with a characteristic yellow color, slightly fruity with a strong sweet taste.

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Dolcedo is a small municipality located in the Prino valley in the province of Imperia. The first settlements in the area of Castellazzo church can be traced back to the eleventh century, but the real economic and social revolution started in 1103, with the arrival of the Benedictine monks at St. Thomas Church, starting the spread of olive cultivation in the country. Dolcedo inhabitants moved their homes down in the valley, where the water of the Prino stream and Rio dei Boschi became the driving force for many mills built for olive pressing. The oil was and is the main theme of the economy in the country from the Middle Ages to the present day and since the fourteenth century Dolcedo has had the title of CONCA D'ORO.

Via San Martino 8, 18020 DOLCEDO (IM) - Tel (+39) 0183.280041
email: - P.iva 01626960080 - credits
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